Join us on September 7 at the Hunter Bay Coffee Bar downtown for a photography showcase by local photographer, Vanessa Smith.

The event will kick off at 5pm and prints will be for sale by Vanessa.



"A Head Full Of Elsewhere."

My Name Is Vanessa.

I am a 22 year old artist raised by the North Cascades in Washington, and am currently having my soul fed by the rockies of Missoula, Montana.

I fell deeply in love with art at an early age, and finally began my trek upwards, towards big dreams in 2016 when I graduated from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. 

I find myself inspired by messy heads, wild flowers, and the distance between me and the mountains.

I aspire to surpass realities of the eye, and expose the concealed realities of the heart and mind. I hope my images take your breath, and provide a bit of light to this human experience.