Welcome to the first installment in a series dedicated to getting to know the coffee-obsessed faces at Hunter Bay. It's part of our 25th year anniversary celebration, to share with you the passionate, talented, and creative people that have helped crank out exceptional coffee for over 25 years. 

Staff Spotlight #01: Scotley Pedersen 

: 19

Current position: Coffee Packaging and Presentation Associate

Favorite Hunter Bay Coffee: Uganda Sipi Falls Single Origin. “It’s so dang good, though!”

First thing you do after work: “I have a 3-year old, so when I get home, we hang out, go to the park, go for hikes, watch cartoons. She’s my love, my life."

Daily coffee consumption: "1-2 cups a day, max."

Why coffee makes the world better: “Coffee brings people together. It's so special to me. I don’t like having coffee with people I don’t like.” (laughs)

But don't you always smell like coffee, working at Hunter Bay? “Yeah, I don’t wear my own shirts to work anymore. I use my boyfriend’s. He’s always like, 'why do all my shirts smell like coffee?!'”  

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