"We are Hunter Bay" is a special series of staff profiles, to celebrate our 25th year anniversary and share the passionate, creative people that have helped crank out exceptional coffee for over two decades. This is our sixth installment (#01 - Scotley Pedersen; #2 - Halsey Kordonowy; #3 - Kailtyn Mortensen; #4 - Andrew Goodrich; #5 - Rob Young).

Age: 23

Current position: Coffee Bar Manager

Favorite Hunter Bay Coffee: "Big Sky Organic. Great balance (and our best-seller!)" 

Music you listen to at the Coffee Bar: "Frank Sinatra. Real classy." 

First thing you do after work: “Work out, or go home and get comfy clothes on.

Your coffee conversion moment: "I got into coffee in eighth grade, but later in high school I needed lots of caffeine for homework and became more picky."  

Daily coffee consumption: "2-6 cups a day. Lattes are my weakness."

Why coffee matters: "It's something that makes my soul smile. It doesn't necessarily make me feel awake always, but its necessary to start my day. From the perspective of a barista, I always make sure that everyone's got a good cup of coffee to start their day as well, because I know how important it is in starting mine. I love bringing people that first cup of joy."  

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