"We are Hunter Bay" is a special series of staff profiles, to celebrate our 25th year anniversary and share the passionate, talented, creative people that have helped crank out exceptional coffee for over two decades. This is our second installment (#01 - Scotley Pedersen; #2 - Halsey Kordonowy).


Age: 20

Current position: Coffee Packaging and Presentation Associate

Favorite Hunter Bay Coffee: "Uganda Sipi Falls. I prefer light roasts. (Remember: light roast doesn't mean it's not strong!)" 

Best Music Genre to Listen to While Packaging: "I like moody music. Currently, I'm obsessed with Mutemath's newest album. Soooo good. Also James Vincent McMorrow and James Blake.

First thing you do after work: “Probably go for a run or do something outside."

Your coffee conversion moment: "I had moved to Seattle and only knew of Starbucks. My brothers lived there and, one day, they were like: 'Yo, you need to start drinking good coffee!' I never turned back." 

Daily coffee consumption: "I'm at a cruising altitude of 3-4 cups a day."

Why coffee matters: “Coffee's a language that everyone speaks. You don't really have to even say anything while drinking good coffee with others. It just brings people together, and that's good enough for me." 

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