Trout Slayer - Organic

Developed in cooperation with Big Sky Brewing, Trout Slayer is a rich, full-flavored morning coffee to drink with your daily paper, knee-deep in your favorite trout stream, or after an evening of Big Sky’s Trout Slayer ales. The lean, stable body of this coffee anchors a hearty breakfast, while the complex chocolate-almond flavors complement the sweetness of pastries and rolls. And, as the unique name implies, Trout Slayer tastes best after you’ve released that first trout of the day!

Trout Slayer is a classic breakfast blend with an exceptional balance of brightness and full body and a broad palate of complex chocolate, almond and honeyed malt flavors.

Roasting Notes:
We slow-roast Trout Slayer to a light brown hue to highlight the rich malt and orange aromas and chocolate-almond flavors in a perfectly balanced coffee.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Malt chocolate and hazelnut bouquet with candied orange accents.
Acidity – Clover honey with bright orange-citrus highlights.
Flavor – Honeyed malt & toasted almonds with a rich chocolate finish.
Body – Medium, lean, sturdy and stable.
Aftertaste – Rich dry chocolate aftertaste with hints of honey, orange and almonds.
Balance – Even balance of flavor and body.

ORIGIN: Proprietary Blend
AROMA LEVEL: High, Honey & Nuts
BODY: Medium
BRIGHTNESS: Medium Bright