Hunter Bay grew out of a love for great coffee. Trained in traditional European roasting techniques, we've perfected our traditional recipes and stayed current with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) industry standards and roasting practices.

Hunter Bay offers; coffee Blends made from two or more specialty grade coffees blended to emphasize specific flavor tones, body, and roast, Single Origin coffees from the best estates of the world, roasted to highlight the unique qualities of each origin, Espressos created specifically for espresso tasting and espresso drinks as well as Decaffeinated coffees. Hunter Bay is certified as an organic handler by the Montana Department of Agriculture and offers a wide selection of 100% Organic coffees.

We pursue specialty grade coffees from the best coffee farms of the world
• Creating award-winning coffee recipes through years of refinement
• Hand-crafting our coffee by expert Master Roasters in small-batches
• Providing our customers with loyal service and fresh roast-to-order coffee
• Responding actively to environmental, social and ethical sustainability issues

We are committed to making your tasting experience a pleasurable and memorable one. The factors that affect consistent and quality coffee production can change due to coffee trade sanctions, political and social revolution, environmental/cultivation issues and the list goes on. Our goal is to always be one step ahead, always tasting and planning for the next best cup rather than making sacrifices in order to continue production. 

Certifications & Sustainability