Age: 35
Hometown: East Lansing, MI
Current Home: Missoula, MT
Creative Movement: Ironman Athlete
Favorite Coffee: "They're all a little different and I find it exciting changing roasts every time I run out. Allows me to taste the differences, which is fun." 

On Being Active. "The last few years I've primarily been doing Triathlons. But that allows me to get out and run and bike a lot. I do a bit of trail running, road running, dirt riding, and road riding."

"I love being active and really enjoy seeing hard work pay off in a tangible way that is completely on me. I got into running first, but transitioned to triathlon for the challenge and to be better balanced from a healthy body perspective."

On Coffee. "Coffee creates nostalgia which is a powerful and wonderful drug. People associate coffee with the morning paper, their drive to work, or an after-lunch dessert.  But whatever the association, its a pleasant one. Coffee also socially binds us."

"The biggest thing coffee provides is the motivation and desire. It makes getting out of bed more enjoyable, gets me going before the workout. There are tons of studies showing the benefits of caffeine during exercise."

Accomplishments + Accolades. "I've had many good results and have been lucky enough to race in the professional division of triathlon over the last three years. What I'm most proud of is my ability to pound out what I need to do daily. I never skip workouts even though they're not always fun. Coffee plays a pivotal role to a runners life."