Hometown: Great Falls, Montana
Creative Movement: Skateboarder, Specialty Coffee Importer
Favorite Coffee: Montanaro Espresso

On Skating. "I have been a skateboarder since I was nine years old. I haven't really focused on any other creative outlets as much as skateboarding. When I was three years old I spotted a skateboard at a garage sale with my mother. According to her, I wasn't leaving the garage sale without it. I'm not sure how often I actually tried to ride that skateboard. I really started skateboarding every day when I was in 4th grade."

On Coffee. "I spent years helping develop Hunter Bay blends, and I know the profiles very well. The single origins, brewed with a Chemex, are my favorite Hunter Bay coffees. Hunter Bay has done a nice variety of single origin offerings in the last four years. Sulawesi, Tanzania, Uganda, Honduras, and three different Colombian coffees. I enjoy comparing the differences in flavor as a result of different growing conditions. I also really like the Hunter Bay espresso and cold brew. Both of these blends went through exhaustive blending processes and I really enjoyed working on them."

On Coffee Conversion. "When I was 17 years old I started my coffee career packaging at a small roasting company in Great Falls, Montana. Many of my close friends I met at that company, or on a skateboard. Both have shaped who I am and the culture that resonates the most with me.

On the Importance of Coffee. "The world is a better place because of coffee, but the supply chain has a lot of area for improvement. I've had the chance to visit and spend time on a couple coffee farms in the last few years. For a lot of farmers, coffee is essential to their survival. When we see transparency in the supply chain from farmer to consumer, we are able to really understand the impact of coffee consumption. I would like to see consumer behavior move toward loyalty, toward price-transparent roasting companies and cafes.

On Living in Tanzania. "My time spent in Tanzania was a great opportunity for me to get a taste for agronomic and processing elements that make a cup of coffee what it is. You can roast a coffee perfectly, but the roasting will only accent what the coffee truly is. Its real attributes came from the farm. I have attended countless workshops and have various coffee certifications, but nothing can replace time spent on the farms."

On Coffee and Skating. "Observing how coffee and skateboarding cultures collide is fascinating. There is a unusually high number of skateboarders turned coffee professionals. World barista champions, the Espresso Parts crew, Verve, Cat & Cloud, Panther, Black Medicine... skateboarders have their place in coffee. I love it when I see people with skateboards behind booths at the conventions. I would love to one day be a part of a environment that was immersed in both cultures at the same time, like a roasting company with ramps!"