Expedition is 100% certified organic blend of coffees with distinctively bright, ripe fruit flavors, characterized by earthier, chocolate tones to create a blend of unique character—winey and full-bodied with rich flavors of wild berries and spice, a stout constitution and a very smooth aftertaste.

Roasting Notes:
We take Expedition to medium French Roast to balance the essential bright fruit highlights with the deep chocolate earth tones of the coffees in the blend. Carefully slow-roasted, these distinct elements combine into a harmonious flavor balance of ripe berry, spice, and rich, dark chocolate.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Full, rounded tones of ripe blueberries, with light hints of spice and cedar.
Acidity – Piquant notes of tart berries that fade quickly into fuller sweet fruit flavors.
Flavor – Blueberry and blackberry notes quickly absorbed by cocoa and cinnamon.
Body – Thick, stout and powerful with subtle fruity edges.
Aftertaste – An exceptional smooth finish anchored by lasting tones of earth and chocolate.
Balance – Fruity highlights rounded by a full, earthy body.

ORIGIN: Proprietary
AROMA LEVEL: Full & Complex
BODY: Full
BRIGHTNESS: Low; No Overt Brightness