French Press Instructions

FRENCH PRESS (24 ounce)

3/4 cup whole bean coffee (2 ounces)
3 cups fresh filtered water

1. Grind coffee to a coarse grind (see guidelines below) and empty into the French Press pot.
2. Heat water to a temperature of 202° F and pour over the grounds in the pot.
4. Steep the grounds in the uncovered pot for 3—4 minutes, allowing a ‘crust’ to form at the top.
5. Stir gently, then place the lid over the pot and slowly plunge.
6. Serve immediately, or for a clearer brew let sit 2 minutes to allow the remaining coffee solids settle to the bottom.

For consistently good coffee:

Regularly clean and rinse your coffee pot and grinder:
Old coffee oils and other residues impart off-flavors to coffee.

Buy freshly roasted, whole-bean coffee and store properly:
Store Hunter Bay freshly roasted whole-bean coffee in a cool, dry place and tightly re-seal the package after opening. Do not store coffee in the freezer or refrigerator because the air flow in refrigerated compartments draws moisture out of coffee.

Use fresh, clear water heated to the proper temperature:
Brewing with filtered or bottled water is best because tap water may have off-flavors that affect the taste of coffee. Water heated to the correct temperature is essential for proper brewing. Water that is too hot brews coffee that tastes scorched; water that is too cold brews coffee that tastes sour and acidic. The proper brewing temperature is 190°F – 202°F. Heating your water to the high end of the scale will account for the heat that is lost when the water is poured in the pot.

Grind coffee beans to the proper grind:
Blade-style grinders work best with a pulse method: grind in short 2-4 second bursts. Pulsing helps control the level of the grind and minimizes the heat generated by the motion of the blades. The proper grind for the French Press is coarse.

Use proper holding methods:
Reheating coffee creates off-flavors — drink your coffee within 20 minutes of brewing, or transfer to a thermos for later.