Origin Trip: Costa Rica Tarrazu - Hunter Bay Coffee

Origin Trip: Costa Rica Tarrazu

Origin Trip: Costa Rica

We don't take for granted our opportunities to visit coffee farms in far away places. These experiences allow us to to learn more about where our coffee is coming from in a way you really only can by actually going to it's origin of place. 

We learn more about the growing climate by feeling the air on our own skin. Is it dry? Is it humid? We learn about the surrounding environment around the coffee plants by seeing with our own eyes what is planted around the farms. Are there banana trees? Or any fruit trees? In turn, we find out more about different flavors/notes that the bean will have once it’s roasted. Origin trips allow coffee roasters to be not only more knowledgable but particular when they are choosing their next bag of beans. 

So when our friends in Costa Rica call and tell us the crops are ripe and swells are glassy we make quick work of buying some tickets and jetting down to one of our favorite origins. It’s a tough job cupping coffees from one of the worlds first carbon-neutral co-ops, and riding perfect waves...but some one has to do it. 

Rob Young, Owner & Operator of HBCR, Costa Rica, 2018.

HBCR owner & operator cupping coffee at DOTA, Costa Rica, 2018. 

About Costa Rica Coopedota

In Spring of 2018, owner and operator of HBCR, Rob Young travelled to Santa Maria de Dota in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica in hopes of setting up a direct trade relationship with a buddy of his who owns a coffee farm there. A few days of cupping and learning about coffee from this region, Rob returned to our Lolo, MT roastery stoked on the caramel, brown sugar, and nutty notes produced by these Costa Rican beans once roasted. Coopedota is the first coffee co-op in the world to receive a carbon-neutral certification. It's emphasis on environmental protection while promoting the region's social economy drew us in to work with Costa Rica Coopedota , as well as excited to share with our consumers. Learn more about Carbon-Neutral coffee...

Tarrazu region, Costa Rica, 2018. 

SOLO Series: Costa Rica Tarrazu 

Now you can try it for yourself with Costa Rica Tarrazu. This year, Hunter Bay released a direct tradecarbon-neutral, Costa Rican coffee. Costa Rica Tarrazu is a washed and honey processed Single Origin offering and our latest addition to our Single Origin Limited Offering Series

This mild and inviting light roast can turn almost any dark-roaster into a believer. While low in acidity by light roast standards, this Costa packs a punch of caramelized sweet flavors and explorative complexity. It is smooth, pleasing, and unapologetically addictive, perfect for bottomless cups in the morning or a delicious mid-day treat. Coffee this good is never hard to share and it will almost certainly turn a breakfast with friends into a brunch.

NOTES: Caramel, brown sugar, nutty 
VARIETY: Red and Yellow Catuai
REGION: Tarrazu 
ALTITUDE: 1,700 – 2,300m 
PROCESS: Fully washed 

Costa Rica Coopedota farm, 2018.

We are thankful for our origin trips. Most of all, we are grateful for the people who put there hard-work into giving us the coffee beans. The farmers and workers who tirelessly give their efforts so that we can have the best cup of coffee in our hands. We raise our mugs to you. 


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