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We are Hunter Bay: Rob Young


"We are Hunter Bay" is a special series of staff profiles, to celebrate our 25th year anniversary and share the passionate, creative people that have helped crank out exceptional coffee for over two decades. This is our fifth installment (#01 - Scotley Pedersen; #2 - Halsey Kordonowy; #3 - Kailtyn Mortensen; #4 - Andrew Goodrich).

Age: 41

Current position: Owner

Favorite Hunter Bay Coffee: "Montanaro Espresso. It's rich, medium roast hits that sweet spot of flavor and punchy strength." 

What music you can't stop listening to: "Peter Tosh, JJ Cale, Waylon Jennings."

First thing you do after work: “Give my family a hug, make a cocktail, cook dinner." 

Your coffee conversion moment: "I was turned onto coffee at a young age but it was that crappy powdered stuff that my aunt would give me. I didn't grow to love real coffee until I visited a plantation in Tanzania. Since then I've been to farms in Central America and Hawaii. Visiting these lands and seeing the people who grow and process the beans is an eye-opening experience. Very grounding. Coffee culture took off and I was fortunate enough to have this opportunity. I'm a very, very grateful person."  

Daily coffee consumption: " A lot. Dr. Oz would tell me I'm exceeding the recommended intake to be healthy."

Why coffee matters: “Wow, this gets to the core of why I'm here. Coffee does so many things for us. It wakes us up. It brings us together. It brings us closer to each other. And we need that now in this world, more than ever. Conversation is created around coffee. At its most elemental -- it makes people happy.

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