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Harmony Decaf

Harmony Decaf

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Harmony is our medium roast organic Mexican Water Process decaf. Harmony has the rich flavor of a superb medium roast coffee: hints of tropical fruit followed by caramel, chocolate and almonds. Harmony is exceptional brewed extra stout and topped off with a touch of real cream.

Roasting Notes:
Harmony maintains the deep flavor characteristics of traditional medium roast coffees with a pleasant nuttiness and a long, smooth finish.

Tasting Notes:
AROMA – Fleeting hints of smoke, slight essence of brown sugar.
ACIDITY – Full body and smooth, soft accents dominate.
FLAVOR – Sweet caramel, brown sugar and chocolate overtones with hints of earth.
BODY – Bold, muscular and sturdy throughout.
AFTERTASTE – Hints of dark chocolate and earth. Pleasantly dry finish.
BALANCE – Dominated by full body and brown sugar overtones.

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