Subscribe and Save Guide

 Here is a guide to our subscription service:

ADD TO CART | To begin your subscription, select the 12oz, 2lb, or 5lb quantity of the desired blend, then click "Subscribe and Save" to set up either monthly or bi-weekly orders.
CHECKOUT | Once the desired coffees for subscription have been selected, proceed to checkout. Navigate to your cart and proceed with checkout where the chosen coffees and shipping are specified. Discount codes may also be applied here. When everything looks correct, click confirm order.
PAYMENT | Pay with credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay, or Pay Pal.
CONFIRMATION | Once you have paid, you will receive a confirmation email. In the email there is button that says Manage Subscription. Click that to manage your subscription. 
CREATE A HUNTER BAY ACCOUNT | In order to manage a subscription, one must first create an account on Without such an account, subscription management is not possible. Navigate to the ACCOUNT tab on and select REGISTER.
MANAGE YOUR SUBCRIPTION | Login to your Hunter Bay account to access to manage your subscription at any time.
You may...
  • pause subscription
  • see upcoming orders
  • skip upcoming orders
  • change quantities
  • add discount codes
  • cancel subscription