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Smoke Jumper

Smoke Jumper

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Bold, rare and distinctively smoky, Smoke Jumper is Hunter Bay’s exclusive coffee blend. Named to honor the elite parachuting firefighters pictured on the label, Smoke Jumper blends flavor qualities of the best coffees from three continents: the wood, earth, and smoke elements of an East Indies coffee, the ripe berry sweetness of an East African coffee, and the spice and chocolate notes of a quality Central American coffee. These unique source coffees combine to create an exceptional blend: naturally sweet flavors of toffee, smoked almonds and chocolate in an unusually thick, smoky and full-bodied brew.

Smokejumping plays a key role in our local history here in Western Montana. The first fire jump in the history of smokejumping was made in 1940 by a crew from the Ninemile Base just outside of Missoula. Today Missoula is the home of The Smokejumper Visitor Center and of the largest training base for smokejumpers in the nation.

Roast Profile:
We roast Smoke Jumper to a medium Viennese Roast to capture both the ripe fruit sweetness of a lighter roast coffee and the stout body of the darker roasts.

Tasting Notes:
AROMA – Rounded notes of brown sugar, molasses and chocolate with smoked almond nuttiness.
ACIDITY – Very soft fruit highlights noted more for black cherry sweetness than acidity.
FLAVOR – Smoke and toffee essence with notes of dark chocolate melded perfectly in a bold cup.
BODY – Full-bodied sweet cherry, chocolate and coffee richness in a velvety smooth and syrupy brew.
AFTERTASTE – Hints of toasted almond-toffee sweetness with rich, smoky highlights.
BALANCE – Exceptionally well-balanced with round flavors and a smooth smoke & chocolate finish.

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