Chemex Brewing Guide | 10 Steps to Perfect Chemex Coffee

Preparing your morning cup with a Chemex might be the cleanest and best way to brew coffee. A Chemex is a glass container pour-over that looks like an hourglass. 

There are many pros and few cons to using a Chemex brewer. Here are a few:  


  • Simple: A Chemex is super easy to use and clean.
  • Reusable: Because it's glass, they never become over-seasoned with residue. 
  • Lifelong Friend: The usable life of a Chemex Brewer is only subject to the amount of time the owner can go without breaking it. 
  • Durable: Glass can be fragile, but we’ve found Chemex Brewers to be resilient. We even tried to drop one onto concrete once, and gasped when it bounced around and didn’t break.
  • Superior: Glass is a perfect brew vessel. It's impervious to heat, gives off no flavor or leached chemicals, the way plastic brewers and rubber fixtures might. With no complex pieces or parts the brewer will never fail you.


  • Single-Batch: Chemex only brews enough for you and a friend to have a cup of coffee. If you’re having a party and want to serve coffee, Chemex isn’t ideal. 
  • Specialty Filters: While they are compostable and made using recycled materials, there will certainly be a morning when your coffee is ground, your water is hot, and you look for a Chemex filter only to discover an empty box. 
  • Heat: Chemex brewers don’t keep coffee hot very long. The coffee should be enjoyed as it was meant to be, fresh. We recommend transferring the coffee to a preheated thermos shortly after brewing.  


  • Chemex brewer
  • Conical or bur coffee grinder
  • Chemex filters
  • Water heater or tea pot
  • Spoon       
  • Scale 
  • Timer                                                             
  • Cup
  • Coffee

 * Note if you do not have a scale ML are equal to Grams of water, also a table spoon of auto drip grind coffee weighs about 5 grams

Step One: Grind coffee on a calibrated grinder to an "auto drip" particle size.                                         
1. Grind coffee on a calibrated machine to                                   2. Place Chemex Brewer on scale and press tare
an "auto drip" particle size. At this point you                                 to set scale at zero.
should take a second to smell the dry aroma 
of your coffee.


3. Wet natural brown paper filter to minimize                             4. With scale at zero again, dose 25 grams of
off flavors produced by paper filters. Pour                                   ground coffee into filter.  
out this water and tare scale again.


5. Use Iphone, cooking timer or Hario Drip                                   6. Start timer and pour 25-40 grams (ml) of 
Scale with built in timer to prepare for a total                                 202 F° filtered water over coffee to bloom
extraction time of exactly 4 minutes.                                                 your grounds. This is a good time to smell 
                                                                                                                 the wet aroma of your coffee. Wait 20


7. Pour Aproximatly 200 grams (ml) of                                            8. During your second pour the goal is to 
filtered 202 F° water slowly on top of grounds                                 reach a total water volume of 400 grams (ml).
and wait until timer reaches the 2:00 mark or                                  As the water depletes from this final pour
until water is depleting from the grounds.                                        move to step 9. 


9. Stir the remaining slurry and watch as the                             10. Allow to cool a bit and Enjoy!
final amount of coffee drains from the filter.
Remove the filter as the stream of coffee 
becomes a drip at about 4:00.