We love getting to have a town like Missoula, Montana as our home base. Our coffee bar is nestled in the heart of downtown, our roastery lives on the outskirts of the Bitterroot Mountains, and we couldn't ask for better partnerships in our community. 

Bernice's Bakery

Well known for their outstanding customer service and unparalleled baked goods, Bernice's puts love into everything they do. Their Bernice's Blend was jointly developed to compliment their gourmet pastries and cakes and has been one of Hunter Bay's top-selling coffees since its introduction in 1992. 

Bernice’s Blend is made from naturally processed 100% organic coffees from coffee cooperatives in the East Indies and Africa. In this complex blend the robust body and smooth finish of the East Indies coffees balance the assertive fruity flavors in the East African coffees, presenting the best qualities of each in a stout brew of moderate acidity with full flavors and ripe berry highlights. 


Green Source

We are so impressed with Green Source's commitment to providing Missoulians with organic produce that is grown by local farmers. They make obtaining fresh, GOOD food convenient and accessible. 100% organic smoothies, fresh pressed juices, raw, live food made with local ingredients to in their own words "increase health and vitality in our community." Find our coffee on tap at Green Source! We are proud supporters and partners with this awesome local business.



For over 40 years, GFS has been dedicated to supporting a healthy community. Our monthly coffee demonstrations at the Good Food Store are some of our employee's favorite events. Not only are the folks at GFS amazing to work with but it gives us at Hunter Bay the opportunity to talk to people in our community and share our love for quality, organic coffee.