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Nitro Iced Coffee: All the Buzz

May 31, 2016 -- This weekend, Hunter Bay took to the streets. We dished out free iced coffee and samples of our new Nitro coffee on tap at Missoula's Farmer's Market. We also posted up at Good Food Store to give out samples of Bernice's Blend.

Here were some of the things we heard about the Nitro: 

"Wow, that is interesting. And different. And amazing!" 

"Tastes like the same consistency as a Guinness." 

"Is this available all summer long?" 

"Whoa, that tastes friggen strong. Not sure if I handle a whole cup of that until I eat something first."

"Put some simple syrup or cream in that and I'm lovin' it." 

    Overall, the stoke was high; people were totally into it. It's different, this Nitro. I personally gravitate to Nitro taps, mainly due to the smooth experience. The creamy head.

    It wasn't easy getting the recipe and keg properly calibrated. The roasters took several tries and used different coffees to find the right roast at the right pressure. Some came out too strong; others, a bit weak. One time, a batch tasting like it had been aged in bourbon barrels. Intense. Eventually, we found the middle way strength and we're all super happy about it. We think you'll be, too. 

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