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Stepping up: Crown Jewel Coffee

On Tuesday, two boxes arrived to our roastery with grasshoppers on them.

They made us really, really excited. 

Why? Because what was inside these boxes wasn't some insectarium but instead sat some of the world's finest Costa Rican washed single-origin coffee on the market, part of Royal Import's Crown Jewel offerings.

Basically, Crown Jewel Coffees are akin to first-class passengers. These coffees are special beans. Exceptionally graded, fully washed, and ready for you.
Unlike most of our coffee shipments, these elite offerings arrive in small, 22-pound boxes. Special, right?

Even cooler is this: This month, Royal is committing to donating a percentage of their Crown Jewel profits to protecting civil liberties in the United States, something Hunter Bay both encourages and supports.

So we are. We're stoked, and so will you be, once you get your paws on a bag of this single-origin Costa Rican.  

Below you'll find photos of our Crown Jewel process so far: boxes in, sorting and roasting at various levels of perfection, cupping way more coffee than our adrenal glands can handle but doing it for the greater good (read: you). Stay tuned, as this coffee will be only available for a very limited time -- online and in Missoula stores only. 

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