Traveler's Rest Festival 2018 - Hunter Bay Coffee

Traveler's Rest Festival 2018

We kicked off the month of August at the second annual Traveler's Rest Music Festival at Big Sky Brewing Company serving up cold brew, pour overs of our single origin coffees, and our coffees made in cooperation with Big Sky Brewing Company. 

The festival is produced and curated by music group, "The Decembrists", whose fronted by Montana native, Colin Meloy. The five-piece released their debut album in 2002 and quickly earned a worldwide following with their unique mix of modern indie rock, traditional folk, and vivid storytelling. The music festival brings people from all over the country for a weekend of a diverse group of musicians. 

HBCR baristas, Jordan Couey and Maya Overman served drinks both nights of the festival. Their favorite part of the event? Sharing their love for coffee with festival goers while getting to enjoy the various bands that performed.

Kaitlyn Bosshardt, Grace Krakow, & Taylor Linrude, baristas from HBCR Missoula. (Pictured above)

HBCR crew from left, Chance Petek, Levi Chagnon, Ben Cherrington, & Dawn Weaver. (Pictured above)

Thank you Knitting Factory and The Decemberists for having us again this year. We had a rockin' time serving drinks and listening to great music!

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