Back Country
Back Country Back Country Back Country

Back Country is an intensely flavored mix of three aromatic, high-grown arabica coffees blended and roasted medium to create a smooth, full-bodied brew with a hint of natural cocoa flavor, spiciness and malt sweetness. We test-drove this blend years ago on a remote Montana backpacking trip and agreed that it was the perfect companion for backcountry adventures.

Roasting Notes:
We roast Back Country to a medium roast to highlighting the subtle flavors of spice and malt in this complex blend of high-grown coffees to produce a full-bodied brew with a deep sweetness usually associated with darker roast coffees.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Complex malt sugar, spice and honey aromas.
Acidity – A perfect combination of natural brightness and soft, agreeable sweetness.
Flavor – Sweet honeyed malt, almond, and chocolate overtones with hints of earth.
Body – Full-bodied, but rich, thick and stable.
Aftertaste – Hints of almond chocolate and earth. Pleasantly dry finish.
Balance – Nice balance of bright malt and nut flavors with a smooth, full-bodied finish.

ORIGIN: Proprietary Blend
AROMA LEVEL: Mildly Aromatic
BODY: Full Bodied
BRIGHTNESS: Medium Acidity & Smooth