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Single Origin Coffees

Costa Rica Dota

Costa Rica Dota

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We can sit and talk about Costa Rica for days, the glassy surf, the clean mountain air, the incredible environmental standards, our friends amazing coffee farm, you get it. Call it what you will, coincidence, or fate, but this is the perfect coffee for such conversations. It is drinkable, no wait… chuggable and elegant.

This is a mild and inviting light roast that can turn almost any dark-roaster into a believer. While low in acidity by light roast standards, this Costa packs a punch of citrusy-sweet flavors and explorative complexity. It is smooth, pleasing, and unapologetically addictive, perfect for bottomless cups in the morning or a delicious mid-day treat. Coffee this good is never hard to share and it will almost certainly turn a breakfast with friends into a brunch.

NOTES: Key lime pie, apple, licorice
VARIETY: Red and Yellow Catuai
ALTITUDE: 1,700 – 2,300m 
PROCESS: Fully washed
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