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Expedition is 100% certified organic blend of coffees with distinctive flavors, characterized by earthy, chocolate tones to create a blend of unique character—full-bodied with rich flavors of nut and cocoa, a stout constitution and a very smooth aftertaste.

Roasting Notes:
We take Expedition to medium French Roast to balance the essential bright fruit highlights with the deep chocolate earth tones of the coffees in the blend. Carefully nuttiness, spice, and rich, dark chocolate.

Tasting Notes:
AROMA – Full and nutty, with light hints of cocoa.
ACIDITY – Mellow acidity that is accentuated by its earthy aroma.
FLAVOR – Almond and cashew notes quickly absorbed by cocoa and cinnamon.
BODY – Thick, stout and powerful.
AFTERTASTE – An exceptional smooth finish anchored by lasting tones of earth and chocolate.
BALANCE – Smoky highlights rounded by a full, earthy body.

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