Montana Premium
Montana Premium Montana Premium Montana Premium

A rich and flavorful breakfast blend, Montana Premium is a mix of premium Central American “high grown” beans with full, nutty flavor and intense spicy highlights. Named for our home state, “Montana” is also the Spanish word for “mountain.” The finest high-grade coffees are grown in mountainous regions at elevations ranging from 2000 to 4000 feet, resulting in small, hard coffee beans with intense, concentrated flavor. Common wisdom says that slow-roasting the coffee at an elevation similar to the growing elevation enhances the quality of the coffee by increasing the moisture content retained in the beans during roasting. Using traditional techniques, our Master Roasters roast Hunter Bay coffee at an elevation of 3200 feet, making Montana the perfect spot to create gourmet coffees like Montana Premium.

The Montana Premium label was designed by western artist Larry Pirnie and perfectly expresses the importance of great coffee to our heritage here in the Rocky Mountain West. Montana Premium was created to enjoy on bright, clear Montana mornings like this one – whether you sip your coffee next to a campfire before a day on the ranch, or at your kitchen table before a day at the office.

Roasting Notes:
We roast Montana Premium to a mid-point Full City Roast to accentuate the natural spice and citrusy highlights of the Central American coffees in the blend, creating a lively coffee of medium body.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma – Lightly flowery with notes of allspice and ginger.
Acidity – Citrus highlights accentuated by sweet spiciness.
Flavor – A pleasing intermingling of spicy highlights with full, nutty coffee finish.
Body – Medium body, long mouth-feel with dominant dry classic coffee flavors.
Aftertaste – Sweet, lingering flavors of allspice and ginger.
Balance – Smooth, well-balanced with fruity highlights and a pleasing dry finish.

ORIGIN: Proprietary Blend
AROMA LEVEL: Full, Rich, Sweet & Fruity
BODY: Medium