Powder Hound
Powder Hound Powder Hound

With cold weather comes great coffee. This year we have a special light roasted blend that we feel goes great with the winter season. This is a limited time seasonal blend of Peruvian and Sumatran coffees which gives it a balanced combo of earth and citrus.

Roast Profile:

A light roast that captures the earthy and citrus qualities of this blend of East Indie and South American coffees.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma – Notes of earth, flowers, and nuts.
Acidity – Balanced and mellow with hints of citrus
Flavor – Earth and nut essence with notes of honey and lemon
Body – Medium & tannic
Aftertaste – Hints of toasted almond-toffee sweetness with rich, smoky highlights.
Balance – Exceptionally well-balanced with round flavors and a smooth earth & honey finish.


*This is not available as a subscription coffee