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We are Hunter Bay: Kaitlyn Bosshardt

"We are Hunter Bay" is a special series of staff profiles, to celebrate the passionate, creative people that help crank out exceptional coffee for over two decades.

Name: Kaitlyn Bosshardt

Age: 24

Current position: Senior Barista, Coffee Bar Coordinator, Missoula

Favorite Hunter Bay Coffee: "Expedition Blend!" 

What music do you like playing at the Coffee Bar? "I like to plug in my music and jam to My Morning Jacket, Grateful Dead, The Talking Heads, and some Neil Young here and there."

Strange or Amazing Interaction you've had with a Customer over the Years: “I've had so many awesome as well as some interesting interactions with our customers. I've definitely made good friends here over the years. That's what I love about being a barista it's never boring. People like sharing their life stories and I love to listen."

Your coffee conversion moment: "Coffee is a huge thing in my family. Growing up my mom would brew a pot of coffee every morning and night. Coffee is comforting to me and reminds me of wonderful family times."  

Daily coffee consumption: "2 cups a day."

Why coffee matters: “Coffee is great. It's so versatile. And the various ways you can brew is so cool. Overall, coffee is essential part of my morning. It's a tradition, passion, and joy for me.

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