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Straight to the Source: A Photo Essay from Tanzania

We stopped into one of our friends in Tanzania who manages a high-end Arabica coffee farm, Africa Plantation Kilimanjaro, to cup coffees and discuss the future of specialty coffee in Tanzania. Coffee here is world-class and so are the people who grow the stuff. The operation was extremely impressive and ethically sound: from owner to coffee-picker, we saw smiles the whole way through, along with a deep commitment to growing some of the world’s finest coffee.

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Photo Essay: Cupping Sessions

The aroma. The flavor. Is that a note of blueberry muffin I taste? Strawberries and Cream? Cocoa? On Monday, our Hunter Bay team roasted and cupped some of the world’s finest coffees from Ethiopia, and a few others. 

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We are Hunter Bay: Rob Young

"We are Hunter Bay" is a special series of staff profiles, to celebrate our 25th year anniversary and share the passionate, creative people that have helped crank out exceptional coffee for over two decades. This is our fifth installment.

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